Building a tennis court in your city or municipality?

Building a tennis court in your city or municipality? As a board member, it’s a nice way to score an ace with your residents. It makes for a sporty image and will create a hot spot for everyone who wants to improve or maintain their tennis skills; that is, if you provide a high-quality court. You can count on the modular systems from specialist Flex Court.

The Flex Court tile system will meet all your expectations, fit your available area and target group. Our comfortable and, above all, safe tennis courts ensure not only a minimum of strain on joints - especially crucial in a demanding sport like tennis - but they also require almost no maintenance. This is because the lines are integrated in the tiles and they do not fade in the sun. Our tennis court tiles are anti-slip and self draining, so the game can go on no matter what the weather gods serve up.

Quality guarantee

With a Flex Court modular tennis court, you can be sure of twenty years of quality use - and the court can be easily dismantled and stored away should the need arise. And as extra security, you get a fifteen-year factory guarantee. Would you like your tennis court to be the perfect doubles partner for your city or municipality? Then why not have your logo integrated into the tile structure?

Indoors and outdoors

Whether you want to build an indoor or outdoor tennis court, you will get a perfect playable surface with few costs - you don’t even have to remove the old floor, because Flex Court courts can be installed on any solid foundation.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities for your city or municipality? We’d love to come by and present our modular tennis courts. Call or email us!

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Maintenance free

Thanks to the integrated lines, Flex Court’s sports and recreational courts require no maintenance.

Quick & easy installation

All the Flex Court basketball courts are quick and easy to install on any solid foundation.

Low risk of injuries

Thanks to a shock-absorbent top layer and optimum traction, the risk of injuries is minimal.

Playable in any type of weather, come rain or shine

Flex Court’s game courts dry up fast after rainfall thanks to the self-draining structure of the tiles. And the tiles maintain their density in any temperature.

Increased sports performance

Both serious and recreational sports lovers can enhance their game with Flex Court’s game courts.

UV-resistant and colourfast

The Flex Court game courts are UV-resistant. This means the courts maintain their colour and don’t fade in the sun.

All Flex Court products have a 15-year factory guarantee and a lifespan of more than 20 years.

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