"Nothing better than being able to play tennis on a dry Flex Court court, even after a rain shower.” J.I.

Building a tennis court

Building a tennis court is a breeze thanks to specialist Flex Court’s modular solutions. Whether you are an amateur or professional or manage a sports complex, our tennis courts meet the strictest criteria when it comes to quality, comfort and safety.

Tennis is a demanding sport - whether you play recreationally or professionally. In order to play in optimum conditions, you also need a perfect court to play on. Flex Court’s modular tennis courts - that you can build yourself - give you everything you need: a shock-absorbent top layer, colour fastness and a foundation with plenty of traction and excellent ball bounce. A Flex Court tennis court is also perfect for your sporting events.

Building a tennis court yourself?

Flex Court supplies custom-made tennis courts for your garden, sports hall, club, schoolyard or other infrastructure. Thanks to the very simple and efficient ‘click system’, building the tennis court yourself is easy - all you need is a solid foundation. It’s low-maintenance, both indoors and outdoors, because the lines is integrated into the structure. And thanks to the self-draining structure of the tiles, the tennis court dries quickly, even after heavy rainfall.

A new tennis court in the near future?

Do you dream of having a tennis court right in your own garden? Does the tennis court at your sports club or from the municipality need replacing? Flex Court can build a custom-made tennis court for anyone. Give us a call and we’ll gladly come by and introduce you to your future tennis court.

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Maintenance free

Thanks to the integrated lines, Flex Court’s sports and recreational courts require no maintenance.

Quick & easy installation

All the Flex Court basketball courts are quick and easy to install on any solid foundation.

Low risk of injuries

Thanks to a shock-absorbent top layer and optimum traction, the risk of injuries is minimal.

Playable in any type of weather, come rain or shine

Flex Court’s game courts dry up fast after rainfall thanks to the self-draining structure of the tiles. And the tiles maintain their density in any temperature.

Increased sports performance

Both serious and recreational sports lovers can enhance their game with Flex Court’s game courts.

UV-resistant and colourfast

The Flex Court game courts are UV-resistant. This means the courts maintain their colour and don’t fade in the sun.

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Check the realisation

All Flex Court products have a 15-year factory guarantee and a lifespan of more than 20 years.

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