Multi-sport court

"Rapid switching from hockey to volleyball during sports classes? The students already think it’s super!” T.V.V.

With an attractive and safe multi-sport game court in your school, on your playground, in your city or your municipality you make sports that little bit more enticing. Thanks to the Flex Court modular system, this game court is easy to install yourself.

Sports and games are essential at school or in any self-respecting city or municipality, so it’s best to have the right facilities, such as a high-quality multi-sport game court, where everyone can play safely to their heart’s desire. Flex Court offers such a game court, composed of patented and specially developed tiles.

Unique range of sport flooring

Flex Court’s modular multi-sport courts are composed according to the strictest criteria regarding safety, user-friendliness and ergonomics. In other words: our unique floors guarantee minimum injuries (thanks to the shock-absorbent top layer and optimum traction), maximum playability and practically no installation and maintenance work - in part because the lines are integrated into the sports and recreation courts.

Whatever the weather

Because the tiles are porous and dry super fast after rainfall, the outdoor multi-sport courts can be played on in all weather conditions. But do you want to protect your court against, for example, the winter weather? No problem, the tiles are easy to take apart. However, it’s really not necessary because they maintain their density no matter what the temperature. As icing on the cake, the sport courts are UV-resistant, which means they always maintain their colour and don’t fade in the sun.

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Maintenance free

Thanks to the integrated lines, Flex Court’s sports and recreational courts require no maintenance.

Quick & easy installation

All the Flex Court basketball courts are quick and easy to install on any solid foundation.

Low risk of injuries

Thanks to a shock-absorbent top layer and optimum traction, the risk of injuries is minimal.

Playable in any type of weather, come rain or shine

Flex Court’s game courts dry up fast after rainfall thanks to the self-draining structure of the tiles. And the tiles maintain their density in any temperature.

Increased sports performance

Both serious and recreational sports lovers can enhance their game with Flex Court’s game courts.

UV-resistant and colourfast

The Flex Court game courts are UV-resistant. This means the courts maintain their colour and don’t fade in the sun.

All Flex Court products have a 15-year factory guarantee and a lifespan of more than 20 years.

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