New basketball floor

A reliable basketball floor can make a world of difference to your club or federation: the sport becomes (even) more enjoyable and the risk of an injury decreases. Thanks to Flex Court’s system, it’s also easy to lay yourself.

Does your hall’s basketball floor need replacing? Or would your club like to build an outdoor basketball court? It’s a cinch with our patented ProStep tiles: they are fast drying, feather light, porous, shock absorbent, UV-resistant, colourfast and maintenance free, which makes them perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All you need is a solid foundation of, for example, concrete, wood, asphalt, etc.

Custom made for your club

Does your basketball club play at a high level or on a purely recreational basis? Either way, our modular basketball floors are the perfect base for every level. Above all, you’ll get a court that meets your expectations perfectly. Full court or half court? A half circle marked by the three-point line? It’s all well within bounds. You determine the colour and lines. And did you know you can even have your basketball club or federation’s logo printed on the court?

Basketball floor for your club?

A basketball court that you lay in no time at all, optimises your performance and requires no maintenance? Your club or federation will soon be reaping the rewards! Let us know your expectations and budget and we’ll absolutely find the modular solution that’s perfect for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Maintenance free

Thanks to the integrated lines, Flex Court’s sports and recreational courts require no maintenance.

Quick & easy installation

All the Flex Court basketball courts are quick and easy to install on any solid foundation.

Low risk of injuries

Thanks to a shock-absorbent top layer and optimum traction, the risk of injuries is minimal.

Playable in any type of weather, come rain or shine

Flex Court’s game courts dry up fast after rainfall thanks to the self-draining structure of the tiles. And the tiles maintain their density in any temperature.

Increased sports performance

Both serious and recreational sports lovers can enhance their game with Flex Court’s game courts.

UV-resistant and colourfast

The Flex Court game courts are UV-resistant. This means the courts maintain their colour and don’t fade in the sun.

All Flex Court products have a 15-year factory guarantee and a lifespan of more than 20 years.

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