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Flex Court® is a unique line of modular sporting floors developed to be played on in almost all circumstances, without maintenance and preventing joint injuries.

Flex Court® sport and leisure courts can be installed for indoor or outdoor purposes and are offering a reliable and safe floor for a wide range of ball and racket sports.

Thanks to its sophisticated and patented Traxion and Flexion technology the Flex Court® sporting courts can guarantee a responsible pleasure while sporting as well for demanding athletes as for playing kids and for leisure.

Flex Court® products have a factory warranty of 15 years and a proven durability of more than 20 years. Thanks to its unique concept the Flex Court® sporting courts and leisure fields can be acquired through an interesting leasing formula.

Characteristics to be highlighted:

  • Can be played on under the most divers weather conditions thanks to its instant self-draining structure (ProStep and SoftStep) and to its stable rigidity under all temperatures.;
  • Quick and easy installing on all kind of hard surfaces;
  • Zero maintenance ;
  • Increased performances thanks to its superior ball bounce and floor grip (ProStep);
  • Low injury risk thanks to its effective shock absorption (ProStep and SoftStep);
  • UV-resistant and colour proof.

Tennis Club, municipality sporting facilities, school sports and leisure, recreation facilities for hotel and vacation resorts or at your place? Take a look at the item of your choice!

No maintenance
& Safe

Maximum playability
In all weather conditions
Fast & Simple installation

All Flex Court products have a waranty of 15 years and have a lifespan of over 20 years.

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