Building a game court

Are you building or having a game court built for tennis, basketball or multi-sport? With Flex Court’s modular solutions you combine the benefits of a premium game court with top-of-the-line user-friendliness and simple maintenance. Our game courts are perfect for both professional and recreational use.

The Flex Court modular sport courts don’t require much when it comes to preparation: all you need is a solid foundation. Because the lines needed for each sport - tennis, basketball or multisports - are already integrated into the tiles, the court needs little or no maintenance. And due to their structure and material, the tiles will feel right at home, both indoors and outdoors. Lay the tiles and start enjoying your game court right away.

A game court with excellent qualities

What criteria must a (DIY) game court meet in order to guarantee the best sporting experience for both recreational and professional athletes? It must be shock absorbent for muscles and joints; it must be easy to install and maintain, and it must be usable to use to the fullest extent under any conditions. The Flex Court sport courts meet all these criteria so that private individuals, sports federations and clubs, schools as well as cities and municipalities will enjoy at least twenty years of sporting pleasure. With a 15-year factory guarantee!

Your game court, our expertise

Do you want to build a new game court? Without a doubt, we’ve got the perfect modular solution for you right here in house. Contact us and we’ll make a visit to present our products (at no further obligation). And your quality guarantee? It’s right there in our slogan: we build it, you score!

Take a look at some of our finished products

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